Parijatha Real Estate

Parijatha Real Estate has a dedicated team having wide experience in carrying out valuation of the immovable properties (land & building).  They, in association with the professional & registered valuers, carry out the following activities:-
  • Visit the properties and physically inspect them,
  • Take measurements wherever feasible, 
  • Make discreet enquiries locally and gather information on encroachments, if any, mortgagor’s background & resourcefulness, knowledge of pending litigation 
  • Ascertain the recent sale / purchase transactions in the area where the properties are located, 
  • Take photographs of the properties and its neighbouring properties / buildings
  • Arrange for Encumberance Certificates/7/12 extracts, wherever required.
  • Make a survey of the infrastructure / civic facilities available in the area where property is located    
  • Do google mapping and locate the specific property with details like latitudes & longitudes 
  • Gather information / details on the guidance value fixed by the respective State Governments / agencies 
  • Assess the fair market value / realizable value and distress value of the properties.
The reports prepared by the said Wing are used by Investors/ Banks / ARCs in fixing a realistic  price for investing/acquiring the NPA portfolios of seller banks.  The reports are also used for negotiating and concluding settlements with borrowers / guarantors.

About Parijatha

Parijatha Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. ("Parijatha") comprises a network of friends and colleagues, who have come together to use their skills and talents acquired over the years, to provide business solutions of excellence. 

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Oct 06, 2020

Draft amended AoA

Draft amended AoA to be placeed before shareholders for approval at the AGM to be held on 14.10.2020 Click here to...

Oct 06, 2020

Draft amended MOA

Draft amended MoA proposed to be placed before the shareholders for approval at the AGM to be held on 14.10.2020 Click...

Our Clients

  • ACRE
  • AFIC
  • Arcil
  • Asia Pragati Capfin Pvt. Ltd.
  • Asrec
  • Alchemist ARC
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Edelweiss ARC
  • Encore ARC
  • IFCI Ltd.
  • IARC
  • IDFC / IDFC Bank
  • Omkara ARC
  • Maximus ARC
  • Pegassus ARC
  • Pridhvi ARC
  • SREI Equipment Finance Ltd.
  • Standard Chartered Bank