Banking Operations

Banking Operations, even with efficient credit appraisal systems as also post sanction monitoring and supervision procedures in place, the probability of a portion of the Financial Asset Portfolio turning Distressed Assets and/or Non Performing Assets [NPAs/NPLs], cannot be ruled out.
Parijatha  has proven competence to take up assignments relating to Asset and/ or Business Valuations and Resolution of Distressed Assets/ NPLs through formulation of Restructuring Plans in potentially viable cases and in marginally viable or non viable cases by concluding Negotiated Settlement Deals or Monetization of Securities for optimum recovery of dues.
The assignments could be undertaken for a pool of assorted assets or industry specific groups or region based groups of assets either in the portfolio of original Lenders or an acquirer. In all Workout Plans taken up by Parijatha , utmost transparency and maximum returns are assured with focus on time value.
Parijatha is proud to mention that it has been awarded the following prestigious assignments which bear testimony to its competence and trustworthiness:-
Valuation of Portfolio of Assets offered by a prime ARC in India to facilitate one of the leading Foreign Banks to submit its bid and for resolution of the NPAs.
Resolution of Portfolio Investments [Debt and Equity] in India and Nepal, out sourced by an FII, ensuring maximum recovery.
Empanelled by IFCI for Merchant Appraisals

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Parijatha Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. ("Parijatha") comprises a network of friends and colleagues, who have come together to use their skills and talents acquired over the years, to provide business solutions of excellence. 

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Oct 06, 2020

Draft amended MOA

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