Other Activities

Parijatha is equally committed to delivering innovative solutions in some of the following other areas as well.
  • Preparation of Feasibility Report, Appraisal / Evaluation of Viability.
  • Formulation of Restructuring Plans including those to be considered under the aegis of BIFR /AAIFR and CDR.   
  • Coordination with Lenders and all other Agencies for taking action under SARFAESI.   
  • Assignments relating to all aspects of Supervision and Monitoring.   
  • Syndication of Project Funding from Banks and FIs.   
  • Conceptualization and scripting / preparation of Presentation Material for all project related businesses on behalf of Lenders / Borrowers.   
  • Effective coordination with Regulators, Tax and Legal Bodies / Experts by Enlisting the services of right professionals, wherever needed.

About Parijatha

Parijatha Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. ("Parijatha") comprises a network of friends and colleagues, who have come together to use their skills and talents acquired over the years, to provide business solutions of excellence. 

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Oct 06, 2020

Draft amended AoA

Draft amended AoA to be placeed before shareholders for approval at the AGM to be held on 14.10.2020 Click here to...

Oct 06, 2020

Draft amended MOA

Draft amended MoA proposed to be placed before the shareholders for approval at the AGM to be held on 14.10.2020 Click...

Our Clients

  • ACRE
  • AFIC
  • Arcil
  • Asia Pragati Capfin Pvt. Ltd.
  • Asrec
  • Alchemist ARC
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Edelweiss ARC
  • Encore ARC
  • IFCI Ltd.
  • IARC
  • IDFC / IDFC Bank
  • Omkara ARC
  • Maximus ARC
  • Pegassus ARC
  • Pridhvi ARC
  • SREI Equipment Finance Ltd.
  • Standard Chartered Bank