Principal Activities


Parijatha  has the ability to provide a wide range of services. However, based on the challenges and complexities it would like to take up and the professional man- power it can efficiently deploy, Parijatha  accepts assignments prioritized into the following two groups of activities.

Principal Activities:

Over the past decade, the Banks and Financial Institutions have moved towards the far too stringent Basle Committee norms pertaining to Asset Classification, Income Recognition & Provisioning as also Capital Adequacy and Debt Equity Requirements and various other measures prescribed by RBI from time to time . The Banks and Financial Institutions, being Financial Intermediaries, are also required to efficiently manage the dynamics of cost of resources and lending rates in order to maintain quality portfolio.
On the other hand, almost all the Industries in core and other sectors have had to re-orient themselves rapidly in order to maintain a competitive edge and face the off-shore challenges and/or become global players. The problems could arise both due to various manageable and unmanageable structural deficiencies like economies of scale, emergence of more effective and efficient technologies and modern plant & machinery, adverse demand-supply imbalance, changes in subsidies and tariff structure for inputs and outputs, advent of alternative products and substitutes, entrepreneurial and managerial limitations.

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About Parijatha

Parijatha Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. ("Parijatha") comprises a network of friends and colleagues, who have come together to use their skills and talents acquired over the years, to provide business solutions of excellence. 

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Oct 06, 2020

Draft amended AoA

Draft amended AoA to be placeed before shareholders for approval at the AGM to be held on 14.10.2020 Click here to...

Oct 06, 2020

Draft amended MOA

Draft amended MoA proposed to be placed before the shareholders for approval at the AGM to be held on 14.10.2020 Click...

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